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Chemical Tanker 2008 DWT 6273




BUILT 2008
Gross Tonnage 4374
DWT 6273
Ships Type Tanker Chemical/Oil Tanker
Ships Size 122×16
Length 122
Breadth 16
Max. speed 14
SHIPS TYPE Chemical/Oil Tanker
STATUS In Service
FLAG United Arab Emirates
Classed By Bureau Veritas
Hull Type Double Hull
Engine Type Diesel
Engine Builder
Engine Model 9H25/33
Engine Number 1
Engine Power ( HP) 3549
Engine RPM 900
Engine Stroke Type 4
Engine Cylinder Stroke 330
Engine Cylinder Bore 250
Thruster B-1-349
Engine Propulsion Controllable Pitch
Engine Prop. Number 1x
Builder Country
Net Tonnage 2039
Compensated GT
Light Displacement 2665
TPC 16.4
Length (LOA) 121.6
Length (LPP) 112.3
Beam 16
Draft 6.3
Depth 8
Height 33.3
Cargo Tanks Capacity 7,067
Inert Gas System
Liquid Cargo Crude Oil Washing
Liquid Cargo IMO Chemical Class
Liquid Cargo Pumps U-12-200
Liquid Cargo Pump Capacity 200
Liquid Cargo Tanks 12
Liquid Cargo Grades 12x
Tank Coating Epoxy

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