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Chemical Tanker 2008 DWT 49900




STATUS 29955
FLAG 49900
SHIPYARD Tanker Chemical/Oil Tanker
Classed By 183×32
Hull Type 183
Engine Type 32
Engine Builder 14.2
Engine Model Chemical/Oil Tanker
Engine Number In Service
Engine Power ( HP)
Engine RPM Jinhae
Engine Stroke Type Korean Register of Shipping
Engine Cylinder Stroke Double Hull
Engine Cylinder Bore Diesel
Thruster MAN B&W
Engine Propulsion 6S50MC-C
Engine Prop. Number 1
Builder 12889
Builder Country 127
Net Tonnage 2
Compensated GT 2000
Light Displacement 500
Length (LOA) Fixed Pitch
Length (LPP) 1x
Beam STX Shipbuilding Co Ltd
Draft South Korea
Depth 13607
Cargo Tanks Capacity 10007
Inert Gas System 52
Liquid Cargo Crude Oil Washing 183
Liquid Cargo IMO Chemical Class 173.9
Liquid Cargo Pumps 32.2
Liquid Cargo Pump Capacity 12.9
Liquid Cargo Tanks 19.1
Liquid Cargo Grades 47.8
Tank Coating 52,151

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